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God's message

Is God real ? Does He exist ? Is JESUS real ? YES !!!!! IS A SIGN IN THE CRUST OF THE EARTH 7X7 MILES BIG ENOUGH FOR YOU to (re)consider your present ways? This one makes ALL the other manmade and supposed archaeological "WONDERS OF THE WORLD" look PALE !!!! And just for your knowledge ; many of these supposed 'wonders' are nothing but archaeological ruïns today, although many not even that old yet at all, mainly because most of them have been destroyed by mankind itself.

There is so much paganism, occultism, atheïsm, wickedness and confusion going on in this world today, that it is time God reveals Himself again to this world of misery. So no one has any excuse anymore or can reject the fact that He is The Almighty One. Creator and Redeemer of everything ! He knew we would have (to Him simple as a pimple) satellites today, so He left us a message. A message for His elect people prior to His second coming in which nothing will and can stand against His Authority. It is called JUDGEMENT TIME,........ Soon in a city near you ! Are you ready and prepared ? It is easy to be an atheïst when you are successful. But it is difficult to be an atheïst when you are lying on your deathbed ! You can hug a tree..., worship a crystal, a fly, a statue or anything else..., you can decide about and make your own rules and belief,.. think you become the ruler of your own planet..., talk to the dead..., try any other occult practise or make the Dow Jones decide where your life goes..., but if you have not the REAL JESUS in your life you have NOTHING but a delusion. In that case, you are in SATAN'S BONDAGE probably without knowing it yourself or even willing to admit it. Who is teaching you from which (profane) bible. Do we need a 'guru' to tell or explain us, what 'The Word' also called 'Jesus' is trying to tell us ? The answer is NO ! There is a battle going on between "good" and "evil". Some 2000 years ago Jesus' sacrifice at the cross made it possible for you and me to come out of that darkness and evil and step into the everlasting light, love and truth, called Jesus Christ. Our KING, of which you here see a huge image, is coming back soon to establish His new Kingdom. Exactly as He promissed to us in the infallible God promissed (Psalm 12:6-7) perfect book called the King James Version of the Holy bible. The effects of every vision and prophecies in the King James bible are now at hand and unfolding just before our eyes. YES ! Heaven and Hell are real too ! Where do you and your loved ones prefer to go? It's al about your own choice(s). And the best news ever is ; that no matter what you have ever done wrong, JESUS IS THE ONLY ONE (and THE ONLY WAY) THAT CAN AND WILL FORGIVE YOUR SINNS if you ask him to do so. This is not just a one-time-ask-and-be-forgiven process, it is a continuous process of REPENTANCE and FAITH in the Lord Jesus Christ. Only then you have the possibility to apply for YOUR entrance ticket to God's new Kingdom, where there is ETERNAL life for everyone who makes the right choices in THIS carnal life.

Evolution is a dead science looking for that missing 'missing link'. Most proof they found so far has been proven a fraud !

Millions are being deceived daily by the nonsense presented by evolution-based 'science', trying desperately to proof there is no God that created ALL things. Actually, they are trying to tell you, ---"nothing exploded into everything"---, also known as Big Bang. And everything is 'evolving' to something better. But it comes out handy and serves the average atheïst's non-belief and the denial of a Creator. Many will be shocked by the real truth presented by this discovery ! Evolution still has NO proof for their vain theories, nothing. Every so called found 'missing link' they once claimed to have in the past, all have been proven FRAUDS ! In this respect the book gives profound proof, that 'evolution' related science is largely based on frauds. The well-known and commonly accepted Carbon Dating techniques appear to be highly fraudulent and inaccurate. The world has been lied to for decennia based on results reported by this dead holy cow technique of evolutionism. It simply is impossible to date anything older than max. 50.000 years by Carbon Dating. Yet, we are bombarded daily by discoveries, ---"millions of years old" -----. Remember, when you hear this..., another lie or fairy tale is coming,....... Consulting hour of the heretics is over !