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Recommended links

The links below give profound insight on many biblical subjects. It is necessary though to mention that we do not agree with all their religious interpretations & observances. Likewise they do not have to agree on anything presented here, related to this discovery. The links are presented in alphabetical order containing a very short description on their content. We do NOT agree on Pre-tribulation rapture concepts and ones-saved-always-saved based doctrines, which you will find in some links below. Please take notice and beware.


Comprehensive information from 'Global warming' to updated prophecy fulfilment


Archaeological website by late Ron Wyatt. THE FIRST discoverer of the location of Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia. Including many other discoveries that confirm important biblical events, like Red Sea crossing site, Ark of Noah, Sodom & Gomorra, etc., etc., Everything is proof the bible is true and not based on myths as many think today!


The Creation Research Society is a professional organisation of trained scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to science and creationism in particular.


Interesting theory on tectonic plates and related information about The Flood by Ph.D. Walt Brown.

www.moresureword.com (former dccsa.com)

The most comprehensive award winning KJV based website we know of. Profound messages and eye-opening information by Jim Searcy, also author of the book 'Great Joy in Great Tribulation'. A book which shows overwhelming proof that there is NO such thing as pre-tribulation rapture!


Creation Science Evangelism and Dinosaur adventure land was founded by Kent Hovind in Pensacola, Florida. He passionately spent over 15 years provinding our society with overwhelming proof for creation. He discussed professors at universities worldwide, no one ever, was a match to him! A lot of proof and educational material available on Creation, (anti) Evolution and Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs lived together with man in the garden of Eden!


ICR stands for 'Institute for Creation Research'. They offer much scientifically based proof for creation.


Many subjects here. Also KJV based. Take a tour.


Lots of information with regard to bible prophecy. Always recent updates available


An interesting source of information, which also promotes Creationism in a VERY WEIRD way. Hugh Ross has an evolution problem. How can you believe the bible and believe the earth is billions of years old?

Bill Schnoebelen - exposing The Illuminatie (& Free Masonry)

In a nearly 2 hours lasting presentation, reborn Christian, Bill Schnoebelen exposes the evil forces at work in today's society. A must see. As he was in all levels involved himself in satanic plans & rituals. No one, but him, could have better insight in what is really going on in today's secret and highly occult organisations, facts which can not be denied anymore.


Dinosaurs lived together with man before The Flood, some 4400 years ago. It does NOT take millions of years for things to fossilise, this can happen in a matter of years. Profound evidence of very large HUMAN skeletons in sizes differing up to 20 ft.

Late Phil Schneider exposing UFO's & Aliens' existence

Working as a geologist for the US (military) government Schneider built deep undergound bases with the help of very sophisticated (nuclear) tunnel-drilling machines. Breaking the ABOVE TOP SECRET secrecy codes, he disclosed in 1995 the true existence of UFO's and (extra?) terrestrial life forms in deep underground US military bases COLLABORATING (!!!??) with officials (scientists?) from the US government. Shortly after his disclosures, he died under very questionable circumstances. Look and decide for yourself.